Bash Berkeley

Posted by sepoy on June 23, 2004 · 1 min read

I didn't take my jacket because, well, it is LATE JUNE. I am absolutely freezing my ass here. Sure, sure, tell me about the Bay Area weather. I do not care. I am cold and damp and I want to go home to Chicago and embrace the midwestern sky.
My talk is over and for 40 minutes I had their rapt attention except for when everyone left the room because the FedEx guy arrived and when everyone jumped out of their skin when the whiteboard fell over. So, yeah. Rapt attention. And I was so concise, yet comprehensive; complex, yet clear; thought-provoking, yet definitive that I got NO questions. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
Overall, I would say this was a rousing success that demonstrated my brilliance to a room full of people who could care less whether I was freezing or not.
Maybe the Apple Store in SF will make me feel better.
Update: I think my entire audience approached me individually over the rest of the night with great comments and appreciation for my talk. So, I guess, I did hit some nerves. .
Related News: Berkeley has a brand new Quaid-e Azam Chair in the History Department and they have chosen Dr. Tariq Rahman to the post. Good news.


Kiddo | June 24, 2004

Poor you, its nice and sweltering here in Atlanta, just like good ol' Bombay. Though it looks like it might rain today :(

Aamir | June 24, 2004

may be cuz you were unabble to find roots of al-quada in moghal or pathan dynesty or could not even trace mula omer's lineage to nadir shah. next time try to find relationship between perwaiz musharaf and sir syed ahmad khan.that might help