Basant III

Posted by sepoy on February 02, 2005 · 2 mins read

Basant is all about the party. Families dress up, put their boom-boxes on the rooftops (and I do mean BOOM boxes), bring out the bhangra remixes, lots of food, tons of kites and strings, and every person you know - young and old. On adjacent rooftops are your neighbors and rivals. Afternoons start off amicably enough; genteel challenges, good-natured banter, innocent flirtations, there may even be gentlemanly agreements on avoiding hath-pherna [hard yanks]. Eventually, the shine wears off and competition heats up; boom-boxes get turned around to face the enemies, the girls disappear, the old ones abandon the chaat to the boisterous ones, the sharper strings come out, cuss-words fill the air, AOWAYY! BOO KATA!!. Night falls. Flood lights search the skies for that little piece of paper with reflecting patches. Time, for once, replaces Wind as your enemy. Fingers bleed, get taped, bleed. Proud patches of a day well-spent for the next week. The knee-high stash of gudis dwindles away. The string flies away from the fingers.

But that is not the Real Basant, Aamir would say. The Real Basant happens in the old city around the Minar-i Pakistan. That other one has no rules. Kids macking, sheesh. This Basant has rules, teams, khalifas [certified captain], referees.

  • You stand on a bench (or in a small demarcated space) from which you cannot budge.

  • The Lahori rules stipulate a small standing place [2'x3'], allows big kites and restricts tugging. The Karachi or Nawabi rules stipulate a bigger standing area [30'x15'], uses smaller kites and allows tugging. The Kabuli rules have no restriction of standing area but do not allow any tugging.
  • The paich [contest] starts when the referee blows the whistle and the two kites move towards each other.
  • If one of the kite breaks away before the contact, it is null.
  • If it breaks during the contest, that player loses.
  • If both break, the refree decides who gets the point.

Here is a nice photo-essay. And look at the size of that thing!


danial | February 03, 2005

We are celebrating Basant in Karachi too but I have told my friends that we just can't do it right. No matter how much we try to celebrate and party like Lahoris but Karachi is not Lahore and Karachites are not zinda dilan e Lahore. It is just so beautiful to be there at this festival.

Chan'ad | February 05, 2005

Phew, thank god Eid falls before Basant now. Last time I was in Lahore for Basant was a few years ago when Basant fell a week before Eid-ul-Adha. Everyone in the city spent their money on kites and string (and the ladies buying yellow clothes), so when Eid came around no one had enough cash to do qurbani! And everyone was so exhausted after Basant that they didn't have the energy to celebrate Eid. After all, Lahore Lahore hai.

JAMSHED | June 29, 2005


Faisal Waheed | November 13, 2005


Sadia | November 15, 2005

same thing about me.. I am living in Canada and I am making plan to visit lhr but I wana be there on basant...Plz let me know when the basant is..I don't wana miss it..Its awesome...well, Lhr lhr hee haye.. kia roghnee naan, poore chanay, dhae bhalay...ymmy :) Have fun, Sadia

Muhammad Saleem | December 23, 2005

hi there, every one i am now in UK but basant date announced by Kite flying association is 3-5 March (first sunday) but Supreme Court have put a Ban for Basant , Still association fighting against this ban ,,lets see if they remove it or not m also waiting for removal of Ban as i will be there for celebrations Cheers Muhammad

mugabe | December 27, 2005

thank the mullah's as usual they screw things up just bcoz they cannot fly kites its now a hindu festival .... read the newspapers how many mullah's are accused of molesting children its ok then ... these mullah's should b kicked up the backside .....first zia ul haq screwed us now its the mullah's.... if basant is banned the loss of foreign exchange is enormous... pakistan needs trade and money grow up

Babz | December 29, 2005

Hey big up for All true Basant Lovers...I assume every city in pakistan has its own role to play but as far as Lahore stands up; its purely is LAHORE LORE eh badshao. Im kinda far away (in UK)from the exciting city physically but my heart goes out every time I hear about it. its just so exciting to be in Lahore on any occassion / @ any time during the whole YR.

popdoll | January 10, 2006

Hey, I've heard Basant will be on the 5th of March if it does actually happen. Is that right? And is there a big lead up to the event? When does muharram finish?

salman | January 27, 2006

i m in canada and iMiss the BASANT alot..lohore i miss it man...

yasir | February 20, 2006

Well Govt has imposed a ban on kite flying. but still people are not following the rules. Two days earlier a 3 year old child died coz her throat was cut by the thread (Dore) while she was going with her parents on motorbike. I think we should try to solve this issue and not fly kites. or atleast dont use these dore's. if they want to celbrate a festival they should come up with something innovative thread which should not cut throats of innocent people. I have heard it is on 5th march but dont have heard any official announcemnets about it. Also you people know that those guys who use metal threads give huge blow to Wapda and the losses are in billions. The public is not trustworthy at all. If everyone wants to enjoy they should really come up with a good solution instead of people dying and electricity transformers blowing up. This sounds harsh but this is the reality. I was also fond of flying kites and last year I saw a child who got killed while looting a kite on the main road hit by a truck and that was basant nite and I did not flew a single kite on basant and neither after that and i dont plan to fly kite on this basant eaither. Someone should come up with a better solution if you really wanna enjoy the festival.

Imran | February 21, 2006

A.A, I am in the U.K but boy i miss LAHORE a lot...... Basant is the special event and i have been flying kites since my childhood. BASANT is something special which cant be described.... BUT brothers from past few years my attraction to basant is fading away........ Innocent people dying specially children. I can't bear the news of a girl died in her fathers hands...and they couldnt do anything............. I just want to tell everyone that if ur fun is taking someones life than thats not fun its something very cruel......... i still want to fly kites but only if its safer to do............... JUST THINK ONCE BEFORE FLYING KITES, WHAT IF SOMEONE CLOSE TO U SUFFER ITS CONSIQUENCES.........

Rauf | March 10, 2006

Hey Punjab government put ban on basant which will coming this sat-sun 11th-12th march in lahore.But Lahoriye will celebrate and fly there kites kyoine kay paisa laga howa hai guddoine par, iss liye to kehte haine lahore lahore hai lahore lahore hai. ;-)

Imran | March 11, 2006

It seems to be a deplorable condition that our youth has become addicted to this festival that has no cultural linkage to Lahore or Pakistan and claim an increasing number of lives each year. This was promoted during recent years by the nouveaux riches with a lot of easy money and the so-called culture lovers like Mr. Lashari, Mian Amir and similar ones. Due to the policies of these gentlemen and flow of money into a few pockets people have started forgetting to greet each others on their own religious and national festivals and adopted Basant and Valentine's day that have origin in nothing concrete but only mythologies. I believe maulavis have not much to do with the ban but its the sensible citizens and those who have lost their loved ones just because the fanatics want to celebrate the zealotry. Those how want this festival and those who approached the court to lift the ban along with the court who lifted ban are responsible for the deaths of slain innocents. Shame on all of us.

izza | January 29, 2007

Basant is a festivle of kites.We should enjoy it by using thin and smooth strings like the children use in in America etc. But also it is full of fun.The gay spirited sons of Lahore are very enthusiastic about it.Some parties act as Rivals.The rooftops are crowded.People cry aloud 'Bo-Kaata' throughout the day.But the most important thing is that we have moved away from our real culture .islam. and have adopted an Hindu custom. It is good but many precious lives of innocent people are lost due to the chemical string.We all should think about it guys.

USMAN | February 22, 2007

well frnds DATES FOR basant HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED AND ON 24 & 25 of FEB. it will be BASANT in LAHORE.i hope that u all people will come and enjoy tht time.have fun. love u all bubyeee

mian | January 22, 2008

Hi, Hope u all r doing well!! Can your department tell me as soon as possible that what is the DATE OF BASANT in LAHORE in 2008? I M FROM OUTSIDE PAKISTAN. IF U KNOW ABOUT THE DATE OF BASANT PLEASE SEND ME EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (REQUEST)

Muhammad Saeed | March 02, 2008

Hi, I am from Lahore. This is 1st March 2008, Now we celebrate basant on 16th March 2008.

jamal | March 09, 2008

hey tell me boys when there will be basant!

Murad | March 11, 2008

hi everyone, i am surprised that people are too much anxious abt the date of "Basant" while they surely not have ever been much anxious abt the starting date of Ramdan ul mubarik. i dont say that kite flying is bad but if this hobby keeps us away from islam then as a muslim we should not follow it.

Jawad | March 14, 2008

I think basant should be celebrated like it used to be back in the day. They have motorcycle antennas and collars to protect the bikers now so I don't see any reason why it should not be celebrated. Basant has been a part of our culture since before most of us were even muslims, so why now label it un-islamic. The indians think of basant as a Sufi festival. These mullahs will be the end of all things nice that are left in Pakistan so I recommend that we do whatever we can to celebrate basant.

maryam | March 15, 2008

hi, this is tina. i waana celebrate basant in lhr so plz dont cancel da basant.

maryam | March 15, 2008

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tellllllllll meeeeeeeee abtt basantttttttt as soon as possibleeeeeeeeee

Ahmad | February 08, 2009

hey everyone! can someone tell me when is basant in lahore 2009!!! i have to book my ticket since i live in Canada!

Rana Waqas Ali | February 21, 2009

basant is the true color of lahore infect of Pakistan not terrorism…

Ahmed | February 22, 2009

When is the basant in Lahore in 2009 i have heard its on 8 March 2009 plz some one confirm the date

oey oey | February 23, 2009

i think its on 28th Feb and 1st March

fahad | March 01, 2009

yes,governement announce that it is on 7 and 8 march......basant is on 7 and 8 march final date...

Ali Mirza | March 10, 2009

basant has been delayed, its now on 14th and 15th march in lahore, enjoy!

WAQAS | February 23, 2010

Salam guys, yh goverment aisay nahi manay gi hm apnay haq k liya road py nikalna ho ga agr hm sb mil k lahore press k samnay ahtajaj karay to my be hamay aik do din ki ijazat mil jai warna yh loog jo logo ko loot rahay han do do haath yh hamay kabhi bhi apni khushyan nahi mananay gay kya ap log maira saath do gay Lahorio? Agr ap loog mairy saath han to mairy email id py mujhay email karo aur hm sb mil k aik din decide kr k lahore prewss club k samnay ahtajaj karay gay aur dharna bhi day agr ap log mujh say agre krtay hon to mujhay email zaroor kijiya ga me wait ur replyz Regards Waqas Honney

sky | March 02, 2010

Congradulation lahori people the govermenyt has allowed to celebrate basant in lahore from 7 to 8 march 2010 with completer safty measures After a long Meeting with DCO Sajjad Bhuta They deceided to allow bsant but with safety measeres they will announced the basabt on 5th march Happy Bsant Lhori Pakistan Zinda Bad

Qalandar | March 02, 2010

Thanks sky, this is good news indeed...

waseem | March 04, 2010

hello! sky where did you get this info.I don,t heard any news like that. plz send me the link where you get this info about basant.

Anum | July 26, 2012

I just came to USA...i celebrate many basant in Pakistan...i lived in Islamabad...and i also enjoy my basant the was Lahoreis celebrates. but now its not the same. everything is change now. people are scared now because on last basant many children's were died, cz of sharp thread and other thing they dont want fun no more, Pakistan is now change. and people too. I saw them and feel...i dont know how to say but its true... but basant WAS a very powerful festival of Pakistan