Axing Miandad

Posted by sepoy on June 17, 2004 · 1 min read

Pakistan sacked Javed Miandad yesterday. I have to say that not only was this needed but way overdue. Miandad was a great cricketer but he sucked as a coach. Just in the last four years, the man has been fired, he resigned, he got left behind in New Zealand with the luggage.
And of course, India whupping Pakistan's sagging behind did not help matters.
If I was PCB, I would do a little bit more. Retire Rashid Latif, Shoaib Akhtar, Moin Khan. Make Yousaf Youhana captain. Put Imran Farhat and Taufeeq Umar as openers and get some new bowlers.
PCB appointed Bob Woolmer as the new coach. He might go the way of Richard Pybus. Or maybe, he can kick some ass. Lets hope so as Asia Cup is coming in July. Are the Bangladeshis still playing?


shakir | June 17, 2004

dear readers it was an expected step by PCB, sacking yet another coach. but it should not be the criterion that team looses the match or series then you start blaming the coach or the captain. it is really ridiculous that PCB is appointing yet another foreign coach, as for as i remember the team was really in good shape when they were playing under the supervision of mudassar nazar.but suddenly they hired a foriegn coach and we know what happened in worldcup 2003. pakistan showed the worst performance in last worldcup under the supervision of a foreign coach. why PCB is spending lot of money for hiring a foreign coach. i can assure you that our cricket team is in the process rebuilding up. so let them rebuild. our team played really well against india keeping this fact in mind that they were inexperienced as compare to indian team. more then half our team can not understand english and PCB is hiring an english coach. also they need to hire an interpreter......

Moiz | June 19, 2004

Well i would agree.

fahad | September 12, 2005

Yousaf youhana should be the next captan.younis khan is not the right choice.