Posted by sepoy on November 05, 2007 · 1 min read

One simple question, simply stated, to every elected Senator and Congressperson, to every Presidential candidate, at every campaign stop.

Just stand and ask this question:

Should United States support a tyrant and an illegitimate dictator in Pakistan and wait for another Islamic Revolution?

Remember that the over 2000 people currently under arrest are being terrorized with military hardware that comes from us and with the political clout that comes from us. This is not some abstract, far away land, where Oriental despots do what is their wont.

This is our Oriental despot. He is wearing our tax paid threads.

I know I am feeling helpless. I know that the media blackout and the mass arrests have made my friends and family in Lahore and Karachi helpless. I don't really want to do any online-based petitions etc.

In my estimation, the best - and easiest - way to make a difference is to call, email, text, speak to our elected representatives and those seeking elections. Ask them what they think. Maybe they have a good answer. Maybe they don't. Either way, they will be forced to think about it. Either way we will combat the one thing that we must fight against: silence, a shrug of the shoulder, back to Hillary's "gender wars".

The media black-out is in Pakistan. Not in the United States. We can still talk. We can still ask questions.

Spread the word. Ask.


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