Are You Feeling Better Now?

Posted by sepoy on September 22, 2004 · 2 mins read

September 22 is a good birthday to have, I think. Frodo and Bilbo Baggins share it with me. Also Ronaldo. It is the last day of the summer. Last day of the Eleusinian rituals of rebirth. I hate my birthdays. Its not the getting old part, its the "taking stock of life" part. It is torture really.
This one is off to a good start. Drove to Madison with sven last night to see the Decemberists at Limey's Pizza. Ok, maybe not at limey's pizza but nice name, no? The show was really good. Colin is maturing as a performer. He actually bantered as opposed to the usual: this song is about a dead girl / this song is about a turkish prostitute / this song is about an architect. Though he still did that. This is my third show for them and that is extraordinary for me. Good band, I guess. After the show, I got to talk to them for a small bit. New album in March called picaresque. Look forward to that.
On the way back, a speeding ticket.
Hey! it's all good. Going to see Sky Captain and get some sleep tonight. Thanks for the kind wishes from friends real and virtual. And my dad send a great email which made my day. He is a cool dad.
update: I am def. NOT feeling better now. Someone broke into my car today and stole my iPod and digicamera in broad daylight! Bunch of savages in this town. I curse thee with the power of a thousand suns.


Nitin | September 22, 2004

Sepoy - wishing you many happy returns of the day.

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Zack | September 22, 2004

Many happy returns of the day.

Antara | September 22, 2004

Hi, first, happy birthday. I came across your blog thru amardeep singh's which i read from time to time. i'm a grad student at harvard working on south asian history- more specifically, how school history textbooks reflect changing notions of national identities in the subcontinent (and the controversies therein). i'd be very interested to know if you've done any work on how mohammad bin qasim is viewed in pakistani textbooks, and i'd be interested in your thoughts on pakistani nationalism and nation hood in general. since this post contains my email id, i'd be grateful if you could email your contact details (if that's okay with you) so I could pester you with some more questions about ur research. regards, antara datta

Sumana | September 22, 2004

Happy birthday! *kazoo*

sepoy | September 22, 2004

You guys are making me feel too good for breathing. Thanks a whole, whole bunch. All of you have been very kind in reading the blog, mentioning me on your sites and being involved in my conversations. So, cheers to all of you. Antara: I have a whole chapter on Muhammad b Qasim and pakistani textbooks (one of the written ones, in fact, not the imaginary kind). So, I will be happy to discuss anything re: that. As to my thoughts on pakistani nationalism, they are scattered around here (mostly in the homistan category). more later and soon.

Rezwan | September 22, 2004

A belated happy birthday. Hope you had a good sleep at night. Cheers.

Umar | September 23, 2004

A Belated Happy Birthday!

sheheryar | September 23, 2004

Happy birthday. Lots of car break ins happening in Hyde Park, sorry to hear that. Punks. Homewood Flossmore??

sultan asif | September 25, 2004

It is hard to express the exact nature of our feelings.Our love and affection for you on your birthday, A great day in our life and your life. Sorry about ur loss, May I remind u to recite Ayat-ul-kursi and Four QULS and blow over on all to protect you and ur property. It is so amazing AMAL that it need to be believed. when u drive, say.... MA'SHA ALLAH LA QUWATA ILLA BILLAH. May Allah protect you and ur property from all evils. Amen

Moiz | September 26, 2004

heppy belated birthday