Are we shooting people or what?

Posted by sepoy on August 16, 2004 · 2 mins read

David O. Russell is one of my favorite directors. I was watching Flirting with Disasters on cable this weekend and laughing my ass off. That guy knows how to film farce.
Which made his 1999 film Three Kings that much greater. I remember reading a small interview in NYT before Gulf War II, where they asked him what he thought of his film's cult status as an anti-war anthem. I wish I could find it (Damn you, NYT and your stupid archiving agreement with Lexis Nexis) because he was basically not buying the administration's rationale to go to war and was glad it struck a chord.
Then fiction became fact, as US soldiers after the fall of Baghdad went after Saddam's loot. Today's NYT says[reg req (bugmenot)] that Mr. Russell is now making a documentary about Iraq after the war which will be released along with a new DVD of Three Kings, focusing also on the lootin' soldiers:

The fictional story turned out to have many parallels and connections to the current conflict, even the theft. The filmmakers have tracked down and interviewed soldiers who were caught trying to steal millions of dollars from a Baath Party cache of some $700 million in United States bills found in Baghdad last spring.
One of the soldiers accused of the theft was nicknamed "Clooney" by his friends. In the documentary interview, former Sgt. Matt Novak emotionally described the culture of greed and confiscation that he said characterized the entire present war. Mr. Novak, who was drummed out of the Army, has also told his story in The Los Angeles Times.

As a tangent, I assert that 1999 was the best year for movies in last 25 years: Office Space. The Matrix. Go!. Election. My Son the Fanatic. South Park. Eyes Wide Shut. The Iron Giant. Sixth Sense. Three Kings. The Limey. Fight Club. Being John Malkovich. And Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalo. no?


sven | August 16, 2004

i like to call it... deuce bigs male gigs