April’s Delight

Posted by sepoy on April 01, 2005 · 2 mins read

Happy New Year [i know that was mar 21]. Yes, I am one of the fools who think that Spring should begin the new year and not the dead of winter. If the calendar goes outta whack 11.5 minutes every year...well, that is how long I waste on this blog every hour anyways. All my holydays are pagan ones: Halloween, Vernal Equinox, May Day, Fourth of July.

This one year, the daily Jang in Lahore published news that the tigers had escaped from the zoo. Mass panic. My mom wanted us to go to the roof until I pointed out that tigers can climb walls and trees. She wanted us in the kitchen, after that [there is food to distract him]. After the cries "april's fool" were heard, the mullahs went into full effect decrying the festival as the worst evil Islamic civilization had ever faced. That was my fav. prank.

Still, I have been waiting with baited breath for April to arrive. One, I was sick and tired of March. Damn month had an attitude. Second, no more papers to deliver for the rest of the year. Third, this is CMs birthday month and some significant changes are in store for the lil-blog-that-can't-anymore.

Gentle readers, I started CM, last year, for a year. That year comes to its close in a week. CM will shut down in a week. Sepoy will be set to pasture. Lest you think this is a cruel joke for the cruelest month, I impress upon you my sincerity.

But, fear not. The tigers won't get you. CM 2.0 will be here.


Ms. World | April 01, 2005

What is going on? All my favorite bloggers are dropping like dot.com stocks in the late 90s! If you are really killing CM- I'll miss it! Be Well! Thanks for the interesting posts!

sepoy | April 01, 2005

Fear not, Ms. World. Reincarnations are fun.

Jalal | April 01, 2005

Blog par excellence.

Jalal | April 01, 2005

I COMPLETELY agree that the new year should beging either on the Winter Solsitice or the Vernal Equinox. Those days mean something. Unlike the 1st of January.

samir | April 04, 2005

Hi: I enjoy reading your posts: but shouldn't it be bated breath, rather than baited breath. Correct me if I am wrong: ref: Still, I have been waiting with baited breath for April to arrive.

sepoy | April 05, 2005

Samir: bated/baited: You are correct and I am not entirely wrong.

samir | April 05, 2005

:-) The link was most instructive and amusing. Thanks!