Posted by sepoy on March 06, 2008 · 2 mins read

Gentle Readers,

I ask so little of you. And I give you so much.

Well, the fairy tale has to end some day, right?


CM will be largely silent for the next few weeks and I need to make some announcements for your help.

1. CM will be participating in Aitzaz Ahsan's Black Flag Week. I am doing it a little early because I will be traveling for the next few days and will be away from the computer. You can make your own blog's stylesheet go black, put a banner on your index page, wear a black arm-band or do something else that suits you. The point is simple enough: Pakistan needs a return to Law now that the elections have happened and the people have spoken. You can follow the issue at Fast Rising and Teeth Maestro. Help spread the word.

2. I need your help in writing a paper on dissent. I need any and all examples of jokes, poems, puns, satire of Musharraf that you might have received via email, sms messages, or however else. The deadline is kinda short so, if you ever want to pay me back for all the words I done wrote for you; now is the time. Details on the paper, and an acknowledgment of your contributions, will follow soon.

3. I will be in Lahore for the next two weeks. Posting will be light to non-existing. But, look forward to _tons_ of new visual material after my return.


SP | March 07, 2008

Was emailed a couple of YouTube videos, one was Chacha Wardi Landa Kyun nahin, which is still up on YouTube. Another was a parody of Main Hoon Na featuring the generalissimo, which seems to have been removed for "terms of use violation." Shame, it was very clever.

Qalandar | March 12, 2008

Re: "Dude i am talking to fatima bhutto..." What?! What?! Ahem... can we get an interview on CM please?

shuaib ahmed | March 15, 2008

muhterma i want to write about shaheed mir murtaza bhutto so plz kindly send me your email id.

Desi Italiana | March 19, 2008

Re: Load shedding in Lahore...Velcome to South Asia! Here in Kathmandu it's up to 8 hours a day. Saturdays suck the most because the lights go out at 8 PM. Can you believe that? Nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs under the candlelight with everyone else and then zonk out around 9 PM.

Ochre | March 23, 2008

Drop me an e-mail, and give me a call if you like. I may be in Lahore around the same time, and maybe I can give you the hard-copy version of that article on hijras I owe you...