Angry Arab on Munich

Posted by sepoy on December 26, 2005 · 1 min read

Angry Arab on Munich's dehumanization of Palestinians and other angry truths.


detrimental postulation angry | December 27, 2005

[...] I hadn’t thought of it the appalling campaigns against US MidEast Studies departments in this way before, but it makes a lot of sense. [props CM] [...]

Bír√“ Zolt√°n | January 07, 2006

Dear Readers, Do you want that Palestine will be free? If your answer is yes, I recommend you the following home page: "This image shows the future. A minaret-form skyscraper rises from the mass of the buildings in New York, the most densely populated city of the United States. The building is the “Tower of American-Islamic Friendship”. It symbolizes two things: on one hand there are a growing number of Moslem people in the U.S.; and on the other hand it shows that the U.S. is in alliance with the Islamic countries. Due to the new friendship America does not provide any more financial or military aid to Israel, which leads to the weakening of Israel and consequently, the freedom of Palestine." Sincerely, Zoltan Biro

Julie Titus | January 07, 2006

How Convenient So far this year we’ve had an overgrown gorilla ignite the innate human fear of things misunderstood, a lion battle a witch, and Harry Potter take down the forces of the dark side. How convenient, that on the eve of the third year of the war on terror that Spielberg releases a little reminder that all things Arabic are basically evil. How convenient, that in less than two weeks Georgie W Peorgie will reassure the American people of the same concept. How convenient, that in the final scene of Munich there the Twin Towers proudly stand in a warm panoramic shot 3 decades before 9-11 reminding us all, what was, and what is now gone. The movie begins with a provocative and captivating account of the kidnapping and executions of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Deutschland. It follows with an interesting window into the varied perspectives of common peoples’ reactions in the Mid-East as they watch these events unfold on their televisions. The good story telling quickly dies thereafter as soon as Eric Bana’s character, Avner, is recruited to lead a team of professionals to hunt down and execute the Palestinians responsible. And for the next two hours I was bored to tears with this hero’s quest to fulfill his obligations a Zionist. The performances in this movie were lifeless and impassionate. The dialogue: shallow and predictable. The cinematography: an insult to the beauty of the cities it depicted. The mood: dull. The direction: non-existent. The point of the whole freaking movie: weaker than my ability to resist DJs with brown eyes and dreadlocks. However there were a few highpoints in the flick. 1- The happy trail on Eric Baan’s beautiful torso. 2- The John Woo-esque face to face, gun to gun stand off between the Israeli and Palestinian assassins. 3- The unfortunately brief and underdeveloped scene where Avner stands in a stair well with a Palestinian and discusses the meaning of “home”. It’s also the only scene in the movie that remotely attempts to disclose the reasoning behind the attack in Munich and basically all the violence that has occurred since 1947. This movie is worth the $9.50 if you suffer from insomnia and the melatonin you bought hasn’t kicked in yet. It’s also worth seeing if you get some nationalistic enjoyment from seeing Arabic people demonized and depicted as animals who kill indiscriminately and for no logical reason whatsoever. For everyone else, don’t waste your time or money. This kind of propaganda is beneath your intelligence. Munich Reviewed by Your American Julie

sepoy | January 08, 2006

"...and the melatonin you bought hasn't kicked in yet". Ha! many thanks, julie. i shall skip.