An Initiative

Posted by sepoy on September 27, 2005 · 3 mins read

I grouch constantly that my peers don't take technology seriously - whether in their pedogogy, in their research or in their scholarly applications. I think that instead of grouching, I will take on an initiative. Maybe this will pan out, maybe I will just do enough for my own personal site. Let's begin, at the very least, with a grand dream.

Think about it: A single, maintained, curated resourse site where you can find source materials for your courses on South Asia and where you can send your students to find resources. The focus of the site will be pedagogy and the collaborators will be any and all academics teaching any aspect of South Asia.

I propose a South Asia Sourcebook where we can reproduce/link to the following:

- Selection from Primary Texts for Pedagogical Usages.

- Maps

- Timelines

- Bibilographies

- Syllabi

- Course Reviews

- A pedagogy blog

- Maps/Lectures in Powerpoint etc.

- Podcasts of selected lectures [version 2.0?]

The site will be divided into temporal or geographic periods. The primary texts, I want to make accessible only in pdf format with a small blurb about the author/context etc. To go around the copyright issues [though I do think that the majority of sources will fall out of copyright law and the rest under fair use], we will make that portion of the site accessible only to registered users.

The site will be set up as a Wiki so that it is a collaboration between those of us who work in South Asia [with language localizations!]. Paul Halsall's Internet History Sourcebook is familiar and oft used resource that will be my template. However, we can improve on that by utilizing the wiki/blog format to push the collaborative aspects to the front. I can point you to another "managed" initiative called Project South Asia that looks to have floundered. Again, it is the wiki aspect that can ensure a healthy life for such an effort.

I believe that not only the South Asia teaching community in the US can benefit but our colleagues in South Asia will welcome such a resource to assist them in their teaching. And it will provide a venue for these various groups to have a conversation about pedagogy.

What say those of ye who are in the field with me? Worth some effort? Worth some time? I will get the domain/set the site up/do whatever is possible to get this project started. Of course, I cannot do the whole thing.

I will be attending the South Asia Conference at Madison next week. We can have a meeting, there. If you are interested, please send me an email; spread the word to those who might be interested; and participate.

The internets will thank you.


pica | September 27, 2005

You're going to Madison! Email me for a long list of restaurant recommendations, if you like.

CM | September 27, 2005

Wouldn't wikipedia be good enough. They already support a lot of Indian-language spinoffs where source texts could be placed.

Amardeep | September 30, 2005

Sepoy, I'll be at Madison next week too. Would love to meet up to talk about this idea, though I'm a bit less historically-minded. Let's email and work out a time/date.

western dave | October 03, 2005

How would it be different from Halsall's Indian history sourcebook?

sepoy | October 03, 2005

It would be different from Halsall insofar that it will be a collaborative wiki marshalling, hopefully, lots of south asia teachers and students. It has to be its own wiki because I want to restrict authorship.