Ahmed Faraz, 1931-2008

Posted by sepoy on August 26, 2008 · 1 min read

It is with a sad heart that I note the passing away of Ahmed Faraz. He always spoke truth to power.

update: See the obit in Dawn.

کٹھن ہے راهگزر، تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو
بهت بڑا ہے سفر، تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو

تمام عمر کهاں کوئي ساتھ ديتا ہے
ميں جانتا ہوں مگر تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو

نشے ميں چور ہوں ميں بھي، تمهيں بھي ہوش نهيں
بڑا مزا ہو اگر تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو

يہ ايک شب کي ملاقات بھي غنيمت ہے
کسے ہے کل کي خبر تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو

ابھي تو جاگ رہے هيں چراغ راہوں کے
ابھي ہے دور سحر، تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو

طواف ِ منزل ِ جاناں هميں بھي کرنا ہے
فراز تم بھي اگر تھوڑي دور ساتھ چلو۱

the road is hard, let us walk a little while
the journey is long, let us walk a little while

who gives a life-time to another
i know, but let us walk a little while

i am intoxicated, and you are not sober
what a delight, if we walk a little while

enough that we have this night
who knows about tomorrow, let us walk a little while

the lamps are still awake in the paths
the dawn is still far, let us walk a little while

we too will walk the beloved's destination
faraz, if you just walk with me a little while


sepoy | August 25, 2008

about that quick translation job - no one yell at me for the thori dor vs thori der. ok?

Szerelem | August 25, 2008

I read the news today morning and it saddened me immensely. I haven't read much of Faraz, but did enjoy some of his poetry greatly. And of course, Iqbal Bano singing Ranjish hi Sahi is an all time favourite.

Farzana | August 26, 2008

It is sad to read about the death of Ahmed Faraz.May God give him eternal peace and strenght to his family members to bear the unrepairable lose. It is sad that one by one we are losing Intellectuals who are un placeable.

babu | September 01, 2008

nice obit in the nytimes, too: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/01/books/01faraz.html

Syed Rizwan Ahmad | October 10, 2008

You translation of Urdu does not do any justice to the poem. Watch me translate just a couple of your lines... _______________________ the lamps are still awake in the paths the dawn is still far, let us walk a little while ___________________________________________ Street-lamps continue to glow the side-walks Dawn is yet to break let's walk a little while

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