Ahmad Hasan Dani (1920-2009)

Posted by sepoy on January 27, 2009 · 1 min read

Ahmad Hasan Dani, the leading archeologist and historian of Indus Valley as well as other ancient sites has passed away. A notice of his life and career. Also, an interview with Omar Khan from 1998. A great loss.


aamir | January 26, 2009

Was he the one who worked extensively on 'Kalash Valey' and I think tried to link people of the valey to ancient greeks or something?

Nostalgic | January 29, 2009

R.I.P... Another good man goes, and like in other fields, we will now be at the mercy of hacks...

Nostalgic | February 06, 2009

Pakistaniat and Pak Tea House report that Khalid Hasan is no more... talk about bad times turning even worse... :(

Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, 1917-2011 | April 11, 2011

[...] Belatedly, I have learned that the one of the most significant historian of Sindh, and one of the most meticulous historian in Pakistan, Nabi Bux Khan Baloch passed away on April 6, 2011. Almost every thing I have touched, directly related to my dissertation, was created, edited, compiled or reflected upon by Dr. Baloch. I have been arguing with him, through him, for this past decade. To my regret, I never got a chance to meet him. But as someone who is infinitely familiar with his vast Sindhi/early Islam bibliography, I can pay no greater tribute to a scholar than that he was exacting, precise and thorough in his handling of an archive that defies almost everyone. He was, quite possibly, the last of the greats in Pakistan’s historical field. We have already lost K K Aziz and Ahmad Hasan Dani. [...]