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Posted by sepoy on February 06, 2010 · 2 mins read
Dear Dr. Lapata

In an effort to speed up the publication schedule and work through our backlog, we are attempting to collect any remaining permissions from authors who are moving up in line for publication. Our records indicate that we still require permissions for the image(s) contained in your article, "(redacted)." Please return these permissions as quickly as possible or update us as to the status of your attempts to obtain these permissions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in The Journal of X, and congratulations again on the acceptance of your essay for publication.

Best regards,
The Journal of X


Dear [The Journal of X],

Thank you so much for your note. I was very grateful when you accepted my article for publication in your journal seven (7) years ago. Since that time, approximately five (5) years ago, you forgot that you had accepted the article and re-sent it through your review process, after which you sent me a rejection letter based on the insane rants of an inflamed tea-partier (anachronistic, I know, but it gives you an idea of what I mean). After I brought this imbalanced review to your attention, you rescinded your rejection and re-accepted the article for publication. A year later you sent me a letter similar to the one above. Since I had several years before supplied all the permissions, I grew tired of our little back and forth, stimulating though it had become, and rescinded my acceptance of your re-proferred acceptance. Soon after, I also lost the article in a devastating hard drive crash, and subsequently quit my academic career. Since I no longer had a stake in feverishly publishing my feeble pensées in poorly-run academic journals, I thought no more of the matter, until today.

Best wishes to you and the entire Journal of X family,




Amitava Kumar | February 06, 2010

Can we name names here? Or at least a little bit more of what we might call the feel of specificity. I want to quote this exchange. It is hilarious, of course, but also a great comment on our academic world.

biryanilady | February 06, 2010

LMAO! vah vah. a vicarious triumph for all us poor and beseeching folks still in the game.

Tiffin | February 06, 2010


sepoy | February 07, 2010

@AK: Lapata is here:

Qalandar | February 07, 2010

Man, I am so dense -- didn't realize the moniker was the Hindi/Urdu word "laa-pataa" :-)

Begam Samru | February 07, 2010

Arre vah!

desiknitter | February 07, 2010

LOL @ Qalandar. I want to know what the editor wrote back in response. Please please tell.

lapata | February 08, 2010

Oddly, there has been no response.

Anil | February 11, 2010

Lapata, that's probably because it's only been what, a few days? a few weeks? Give it a year, or three.

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