Association for Asian Studies 2010

Posted by sepoy on March 22, 2010 · 2 mins read

I am headed to Philadelphia, my fav. other-Chicago, for the annual Association for Asian Studies meeting. I am on a panel on Thursday:

7:30pm-9:30pm. National Culture and Belonging in Pakistan, chaired by A. Sean Pue, Michigan State University. Grand Ballroom Salon J

- “Chale Chalo ke Voh Manzil Abhi Nahin Aai”: Progressive Writers Attempt to Rewrite the Nation
Saadia Toor, City University of New York

- “Soviet Pantheism”: Modernism and the Critique of Ideology
A. Sean Pue, Michigan State University

- Navigating Self and State in Communal Histories in Pakistan
Manan Ahmed, Berlin Free University

Discussant: Vazira Zamindar, Brown University

The AAS website is quite un-friendly. The panels cannot be browsed directly by presenter or by panel or by topic - except by number. There is only a (pdf) list of panels according to "world area" (um, do they mean Asia?) which doesn't, then, include any time or place details! Of what possible usage is that? Nor is there an index of presenters online. Sure, that information is in the official paper program, but seriously folks, it is 2010, get on this internets bandwagon please.

As usual, I probably will not be able to attend much of what I would love to attend. One I would def. be going to is Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Indian and Thai Attitudes towards the Supernatural, chaired by Frank F. Conlon on Friday 8:30am.

If any gentle readers are going to be at AAS, please drop me a line, maybe we can meet up. Or come to my panel! Also, if any editors are reading, they should tell me how best I can seduce their fine press with my amazing manuscript.


Jonathan Dresner | March 22, 2010

You're not kidding about the website. I was trying to find a link to my panel to share with someone... Fail.

Nikolai | March 22, 2010

speaking of thailand/india... BEHOLD:'s%20interaction%20with%20southeast%20asia&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&cid=17254886109120661818&sa=title&os=contents i've been looking for a book like that.

Nikolai | March 22, 2010

EDIT: the link will work if you copy and paste the whole thing into the webaddress box. Best Chapter Title: Southeast Asia as the Indian ElDorado