A Contract With The Devil

Posted by sepoy on July 06, 2009 · 1 min read

is still a binding contract. A close friend of CM (farangi) has been going through some rough times lately. He contract was unlawfully terminated by his employers. You can read the sordid details in David Moltz, So Sue Me, July 6, 2009. You can drop him a line of support here or stevemarlowe at hotmail dot com. He likes those someecards ones. He can also be contacted on FB. I love that man.


Qalandar | July 06, 2009

Wow, just read the Moltz piece, some extreme goings on at Edison! Best wishes Steve, hang in there...

Jonathan Dresner | July 06, 2009

I read that earlier today: it's a nasty situation, and farangi is entirely in the right. Isn't this "now that you all obey the rules, I'll change them and cast out unbelievers and troublemakers" how cults start?