Posted by sepoy on January 18, 2006 · 1 min read

While each may deserve a rich post, I will suffice to note the following:

- The General has retreated - a bit - on the KalaBagh Dam issue and decreed that the goverment will go ahead with Bhasha first. File this under federal vs state autonomy issues.

- PM Shaukat Aziz [did I ever have a nickname for him?] is in NY. He will ask the WH about the Bajaur airstrike which killed / didn't kill / kill some "foreign elements".

- Meanwhile, Baluchistan continues to burn. I am surprised that this issue is not getting any traction in the US media. The state with that dreamed of gas pipeline undergoing an armed revolt surely merits some attention.

- Also, 5000 Afghanis were heard shouting Death to Pakistan with Karzai looking for "where the militants are getting their resources, their support and where they are coming from". How the times have changed...

- PEMRA - the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority - has banned more than 35 foreign channels, prompting threats of a backlash. KO and Suhail find lots of humor in the case. Plug that hole in the unbuilt Kalabagh Dam with your finger, whydoncha?

- Indian opening batsmen scored 823 runs in a record-breaking performance on a pitch that should immediately be tested for containing anti-matter particles.

In conclusion, things are a bit, shall we say, rocky for The General. Aur ab, Mausam kay liya, Shireen.


نعمان | January 21, 2006

ŸÖÿ¨⁄æ€í یقین €Å€í کہ اگر آپ ŸÜ€í یہ ŸæŸàÿ“Ÿπ ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà میں لکھی ہوتی تو ÿÆŸàÿ® لکھی ہوتی۔ اگر میک Ÿæÿ± ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà کی بورڈ آپ کو پریشان کرتا ہو تو آپ ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà ویب پیڈ یا ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà پیڈ لائیٹ بھی ÿßÿ“تعمال ⁄©ÿ±ÿ“⁄©ÿ™€í ہیں۔