Posted by sepoy on April 12, 2004 · 1 min read

I cannot believe that. 400 runs scored by one man. This is incredible. This is bigger than 61* or 72 (or whatever Bonds is on now). Brian Lara faced 582 deliveries; hit 43 fours and 4 sixes. He was on the crease for 773 minutes - 12 hours of batting concentration. It was a flawless inning against an England bowling that had devastated W.I. in the last two tests.
This is the sort of performance that will resurrect the sinking ship of Carribean cricket.
on a related note, Pakistan stands to collect on the Musharraf-Vajpayee trade-off (you take one-dayers and we take tests). i kid. i kid.


Shakir | April 15, 2004

Yes it was a great performace by Lara, but the whole credit goes to the batting friendly pitches, always made by west indians to score something huge. It was indeed a ONE man great stand for 773 mins, But I think the real classy innings was played by Hanif Mohd (Pak), in WI and against WI, when Pak needed more than 500 runs, only to aviod inning defeat after follow on, but the little master (his nick), scored 337, while standing like a rock for 970 mins and saved a certain defeat. And, of course, the young inexperienced paki players will have to work even harder to aviod a series defeat from India. We need another HANIF NOW!!!!

Aamir | April 15, 2004

400............. 400 runs.No body in the history of any kind of cricket could do it before, and west indian pitches were always like this one.lets see how many english players come up with 400s,after all this is the same pitch. No doubt lil master was great but don't forget lara did it twice

sepoy | April 16, 2004

I have to agree with shakir that the quality of bowling and mental pressure was greater on hanif for his 337. yet, lara has proven that he can do it again. for that, he remains THE MAN.