Posted by sepoy on May 14, 2004 · 1 min read

If there is god of film-making (dionysus?), he has blessed Wong Kar Wai with powers beyond any human. There is no other director (ok, Kurosawa and Kubrick) whose every single movie is amazing to behold.
In the Mood for Love remains the most visually stunning paean to lost love. A movie built around silences and blank canvases that leaves me stunned every time I watch it. Maggie Cheung, of course, takes my breath away dressed in the high-collor, bright palette dresses of 60s Shanghai. Tony Leung is an amazing actor who conveys in one look (on a deleted scene, no less) the deepest turmoil of a lover saying goodbye forever.
ITMFL was shot while WKW was shooting 2046. That tells you how long of a gestation 2046 has had, since ITMFL was released in 2001. It continues, in an elliptical way, the character played by Tony Leung in ITMFL - except the movie takes place not in 60s Hong Kong but in the future of 2046. Zhang Ziyi plays a robot. I know it sounds weird but,..., it is Wong Kar Wai. The cinematography will be amazing - Christopher Doyle is the DP. It will be good. At long last, it is premiering at Cannes this weekend. To revisit those characters again will be amazing and I cannot wait until whenever it gets released here. Here is the first review from the Guardian.
In related news: Pope tells Catholic women to stay the hell away from Muslim men.


sarah | May 16, 2004

i loved this movie - it was absolutely brilliant. if i ever get around to making a movie, i know i want it to be driven by colors, mood, and music rather than dialogue, like this movie. and on the link about not marrying muslim men, i'd say i have to agree. BIG MISTAKE; bad idea.

sepoy | May 16, 2004

if you have the Criterion Collection's DVD, there is a short story in the booklet on which the movie is based. Thats all the plot/story you would want...but there is no need for words in ITMFL.