Weight of Freedom

Take up the White Man’s burden–
Ye dare not stoop to less–
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloke your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your gods and you.
— Rudyard Kipling’s The White Man’s Burden: The United States and the Philippine Islands. McClure’s Magazine, February 1899.

I gave this poem to my South Asia Civ class in the Fall and asked for their response. Most had heard of the phrase “The White Man’s Burden”. Most had a negative opinion of this poem after reading it, despite having little knowledge of the conquest of Philippines or the historical debate on Imperialism produced in the aftermath of that savage war.
Listening to George Bush’s press conference, I was reminded of that debate and how similiar it is to the War on Terror/War for Freedom rhetoric nowadays. Just as the War on Terror masks wars on civil liberties or constitutional rights or sovereign nations, the calls for Freedom railroads the actual meaning of that term. The French are horrible because they are free to choose and they choose to be against us. The Spanish should hand the Iberian peninsula back to the Moors because they elected to get out of Iraq. You are free to choose as long as you choose what we want you to choose.

Freedom, indeed, is a genuine human right as Bush eloquently puts it:

>Some of the debate really centers around the fact that people don’t believe Iraq can be free, that if you’re Muslim or perhaps brown skinned, you can’t be self-governing and free. I strongly disagree with that. I reject that because I believe freedom is the deepest need of every human soul. I believe that people who practice the Muslim faith can self-govern. I believe that people whose skins aren’t necessarily — are a different color than white can self-govern. And if given a chance, the Iraqi people will be not only self-governing, but a stable and free society.

In fact, then, shall we ask WHY did he throw away decades of [the semblance of] US neutrality in Israel-Palestine conflict?? Don’t the Palestinians deserve a fair chance to choose a solution for themselves? Those “facts on the ground” may be “Israeli population clusters” to Bush-cons but they represent colonial and imperial hegemony to the millions of disenfranchised Palestinians. You cannot decide it FOR them.

The silent, sullen peoples [who] shall weigh your gods and you are the same ones that you want to win the hearts and minds of.

oh hell. why do i bother? people, if we don’t get john kerry elected AND get the Senate, we are through. And the We is not the royal we. It is the We, The Sane, The Few, The Free We.

Bad Letters

Yesterday I come home and there are two letters waiting for me. One from University of Liverpool politely declining the interest i had expressed in them. The other from the College saying I didn’t get a teaching fellowship I had applied for.
A little disappointed. Just had such a great run lately, with the awards and the support etc.
Back to the grind. Who wants Liverpool anyways??


I cannot believe that. 400 runs scored by one man. This is incredible. This is bigger than 61* or 72 (or whatever Bonds is on now). Brian Lara faced 582 deliveries; hit 43 fours and 4 sixes. He was on the crease for 773 minutes – 12 hours of batting concentration. It was a flawless inning against an England bowling that had devastated W.I. in the last two tests.
This is the sort of performance that will resurrect the sinking ship of Carribean cricket.
on a related note, Pakistan stands to collect on the Musharraf-Vajpayee trade-off (you take one-dayers and we take tests). i kid. i kid.

Basmati Rice

I had no idea that Pakistan was important BEFORE Sep 11, 2001. Listen to Rice’s testimony: “America’s Al Qaida policy wasn’t working because our Afghanistan policy wasn’t working, and our Afghanistan policy wasn’t working because our Pakistan policy wasn’t working.” In fact Pakistan was mentioned 27 times by Rice, while Iraq only got 26 shout-outs. so there.
In fact, the WTC in ’93, the embassy bombings in Kenya, the Cole attack in the Persian Gulf, the Khartoum fiasco, it all did NOT result in a comprehensive Al Qaida strategy because America had shoved Pakistan under the rug since 1989.


I am becoming a big fan of the various domino scenarios the administration brings out. Pakistan / Afghanistan / Taliban or Iraq / Syria / Iran / restofthemiddleeast.
States capitulate and change course because the comprehensive game plan of the administration leaves them no recourse. When is Iraq inviting Syria and Iran for democracy sleep-overs?

more later.
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