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Kottke had a link up this morning about amazon’s new addition to their a9 engine – Yellow Pages. Intrigued, I clicked over. They display little pictures of the businesses in the search results. Massively cool. Their how-we-did-it video [qt] tells us that they mounted cameras on lots of SUVs and then drove around the major cities taking snaps. Amazing.

So, I entered a local pizza joint’s name. Search came up with it along with a picture of the store front. I clicked on the “walk up and down the street” arrows to see what else they had. And I keep clicking around the block when I see THE ENTIRE SEPOY HOUSEHOLD on!! It must have been sometime in October and we seem to be returning from lunch. Maybe a sunday? How massively weird is that?!

I don’t know about you but I am freaked out by the internets lately.

update: first, welcome to kottke readers. second, here is the search, with a bit of hesitation.

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