See what the world is searching for

Some fun with Google Trends:

  • Islam: And they say Muslims aren’t inquisitive about their faith. Look at the top four. Those countries are _not_ in the Middle East people. I know it is hard to fathom Muslims outside the Middle East.
  • Terrorism: Top city: Washington, D.C. And look at Region. Pakistan leads [as always!].
  • Sex: Pakistan! And Delhi!
  • Democracy: Surprisingly, no city outside of the US is inquisitive about democracy. Was Ahmedinejad right?
  • Religion: Looks like he was! At least as far as the Americas and Australia are concerned.

Your turn.

3 Replies to “See what the world is searching for”

  1. Some other trends:

    Nuclear Technology: Pakistan #1.

    Missile: Pakistan #1.

    Biotechnology: India #1, Malaysia #2, Pakistan #3.

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