Million Google Scholars

A few weeks ago, Google announced that one can download pdfs of public domain books from Google Print. Today comes another announcement about the availability of newspapers archives from 1700 to the present. Most of the stuff that I looked for in the archives was behind subscription walls but no matter.

Academics have always had these archives and the search tools that allow us to do our trade. However, these Google tools are really a revolution outside the academy. It allows easy public access to the archive [the millions book scanned – and now, the million newspapers scanned].

What that means for us? We oughta think about it.

ps. On the Google Print front, I should tell all the SAists that there is incredible material available. Search by time, rather than by keywords.

3 Replies to “Million Google Scholars”

  1. I think that in the end, most of the historical heavy lifting is still going to be done by academics for the simple fact that they face career pressure to produce works of scholarship that necessitate actually crawling through all of the available material.

    “Barnes and Noble historians” may have more plentiful material to work with, but their quality probably won’t improve noticably, given that their weaknesses tend to lie elsewhere than the availability of sources.

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