Hey Malkovich, Think Fast.

I have been seriously amiss [um] in acknowledging the [somewhat disconcerting] distinction that friends & gentle readers of CM have bestowed [in service of a meme (those things are still around? {apparently})]: It makes them think.

Mucho thanks, folks. As a meme, it has some rules. Like linking to this post and listing five bloggers who make me think. Well, that’s easy enough: e., who I can’t believe I have yet to meet; juan who I have met and can confirm is a scholar and a gentleman; angry arab, who amazes me with his wit; joshua, who will be no surprise to anyone but still; and zp, whose posts I look forward to like none other. Ok, now I can go back to my no-meme rule.

One Reply to “Hey Malkovich, Think Fast.”

  1. o my, that’s some lofty company to be placed in: thank you very much. and we’ve kind of met-by-proxy, at least. get thee to brooklyn!

    now i feel all obligated to go blog something intelligent, instead of just posting lolprofs. ay.

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