Apple is no Mango

On my recent trip to Pakistan, my father loved the simplicity of OS X.3 and asked me to find him an apple powerbook in Pakistan. I went to Hafeez Center – the tech center of Lahore – and inquired around for an Apple reseller. Ha! No one in 4 teeming floors had heard of such a thing. Sure, they knew the legends of Apple but none had seen one with their eyes. The common view was the hardware was too expensive and that no microsoft software runs on them (which effectively puts you out of the piracy market).
I would have left my powerbook with my father but I knew there was no support structure for him and a tech call every 2 years is not cool.
Today I read that the state of Apple is bad in India as well. It is a shame that Apple is not pursuing such markets as South Asia and China. With the best OS in the game, what are they waiting for? Like Om says, they can at least sell the eMacs at a competitive price.
Apple: If you are interested, I have the business cards of several Hafeez Center entreprenuers who salivated over my powerbook.

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  1. pakistan has a lot of problems
    but this is certainly not one of them

    ipods are widely available in hafeez center, maybe you went to a ‘mobile shop’ instead of a ‘computer shop’ in hafeez center

    as for apple notebooks, you’re right, hafeez center probably wont have it, but probably can find upon searching harder

    i just did a search on google for ‘buy apple notebook lahore’
    and found few results
    they have more apple products on the same site

    so my point is, online or offline, search harder
    you’ll get it
    maybe not at hafeez center, but certainly at other places in lahore

  2. I think your wrong, I’ve been there, I’ve found iPods, sealed in boxes at regular US price. I bet you could find more Mac stuff. I haven’t gone there in like a year, so it may have changed, but I will be going soo.

  3. Well, I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia but I bought my Mac in UK. Although it has WorldWide warranty, when things go wrong it is suddenly EXTREMELY difficult to get it fixed! They sell Mac in Saudi but don’t fix them! The nearest place to get them fixed is Dubai, and they won’t fix them until they get authority from US – and in spite of modern communications, all this takes about 3 weeks before you can even send your sick machine there. I am disillusioned with Mac and its so called World Wide Warranty!

  4. I live in Lahore and i know hafeez center as well and my cousin run a shop there. You think about Apple they don’t know about iPOD i wanted a car charger for my iPOD and how it looks like they said. One said bring that device with you may be a sony ericcson mobile charger wirk. Cmon i mean Pakistan and Southasia is that lacked in technology.

  5. The whole point to this is simple. MacOS X is a UNIX based OS. Apple simply made the best GUI. X on Linux is the worst. Windows works because it works. There’s no beating a mac, but you can run MacOS X on a PC using an emulator. What emulator runs it? Find it on Google or on You won’t get the performance of a Mac, but it’s certainly cool for developers and programmers.

  6. sO whats the big fuss about apple/MAC anyway? i mean..hello? theres a reason why the whole entire world (excluding north america) uses misrosoft/windows ( and no its not only becuz you can get pirated software). as a species all of man kind has gravitated towards universality…c.f George Ritzer and the success of McDOnalidization. we LIKE knowing everything- cuz we’re supposed to know. hence the popularity of windows cuz even when you DON’T kno its leads you to believe that you DO. did that make sense? well it does to me ~;)

  7. Well, the Apple conditions arent so good here in Scandanvia too. They have only one proper outlet in Sweden and in Denmark you will be unable to spot a MAC machine, unless you are associated with some sort of research center.Many of us here are just tired of reinstalling Windows & Patches all the time..WIN OS is just so crappy….I think Linux could be a better solution!!!

  8. From PC Tanzania via PC St. Vincent: Apple’s presence in most of Africa is pretty horrible too. Zero official Apple business in TZ (and most of East Africa I assume), and I think the closest reseller is in Nairobi, Kenya. So my 12″ PBG4 is virtually alone here on the east coast of the (now brightening) Dark Continent.
    In related news, the open-sourcers are as always making progress where others fail and flail. OpenOffice et. al. now (or soon will) have dictionaries for Swahili, Zulu, and other African languages.

  9. I would say that this is another case where the eastern world is lightyears ahead of the west. Further proof that the genesis of civilization occured not in the hovels of Europe but in the metropolis’ of the mysterious East ;-)

  10. there is a chance that i will go to the WWDC this year and get my Urdu keyboard layout sanctioned by the powers-that-be. finally.

  11. Especially considering that Apple has been able to do Devanagari with no trouble for years, now. I don’t know what the Urdu support is, but considering what a nightmare it has become to get Hebrew to work with MSOffice (for famous profs), there might be a disinclination there. But at least MS is still not taking care of it for Office 2004. Fantastic.

    So there you go. I’m still waiting for the Macs to let me make a logical Lithuanian keyboard layout.

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