The University of Chicago Way

It was startling to recognize my life these many years, codified

Mortimer J. Adler conducts the Great Books Seminar, LIFE Magazine, July 15, 1945
Step 1: The Professor sets up the Reading
Step 2: He expands, quotes from the text.
The floor is now open for discussion.
The Most Important Part of the UofC seminar: the debate
Fists can fly!
Beware the Silent ones, in that seminar room

Also, this bit of Ad-copy from that same issue is too precious to miss.

Protecting the American Home

5 Replies to “The University of Chicago Way”

  1. Did you tweak the captions? I am at the end of the longest term ever, sat opposite John Redwood at dinner on Friday, and can’t stop myself from learning all that PM on the BBC’s Radio 4 has to tell me regarding ‘All I need to know about water cannons.’ So I am a little addled. I love that Life Magazine knew all along that women knit in order to keep weapons at the ready.

  2. “Is punishment part of education?” So it’s Adler’s fault that Chicago is “Where Fun Comes to Die”? I almost sent this to my students, but thought they might read it the wrong way since I am in the process of grading.

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