The end is coming soon

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The wind blows cold outside your door/it whispers words I’ve tried before
But you don’t hear me anymore/your pride’s just too demanding
The end is coming soon, it’s plain/a warm bed just ain’t worth the pain
- Tower Song, Townes van Zandt

Two things I know about Houston – my Babu hails from that town and is known to cheer for the Astros. And that Townes Van Zandt came from Houston. Ok, I guess, I listened to some DJ Screw a while ago. And I remember that thing w/ Two Gallants. But seriously, that is absolutely it.

I am eager, very eager, to remedy this.

I will be giving a talk next Monday at Rice University – on the topic of Prophecy and end times and Pakistan. Do come and say hi!

Talk in Houston

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