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In 1957, Francis S. Chase, the founding Dean of the Graduate School of Education, established at the University of Chicago the “Pakistan Education Project” with support from the Ford Foundation. The purpose of the project was to improve education through teacher-training programs at extension centers in what was then East and West Pakistan and to improve facilities for students at those university campuses.

The program led to the establishment of 43 pilot secondary schools and new educational centers were organized at the University of Dhaka and Punjab University. More than 5,000 teachers and administrators were trained in the Pakistan Education Project with many Pakistani teachers coming to Chicago for their training.

From 1963 Р1973, this project was directed by Kenneth Rehage, who travelled extensively to Pakistan. He also directed the University’s Peace Corps Training Program for Pakistan in 1963.

Kenneth Rehage, Professor Emeritus in Education and a celebrated teacher, passed away this January. He was 96.

I will try and find out more about the Pakistan Education Project. Not many details are available online – though, a dissertation was written on it in 1962 by Alan Peshkin. But I will note this: In a report Kenneth Rehage wrote for the Elementary School Journal in 1958, I was struck by these words: “The influence of Sputnik was keenly felt at this conference.” The conference was on the future of high school education in America and Pakistan. Think about it.

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