Operation Academic Freedom

Finkelstein EndorsesSeriously. How many more things can the DePaul administration do wrong? They denied tenure to Finkelstein in June expressly against the recommendations of his department and his college. And now they have cancelled his classes and re-assigned his office space – in apparent violation of AAUP rules. The mind boggles at the sheer ineptitude of DePaul.

Why isn’t every tenured faculty member at DePaul canceling their own classes for Fall quarter? Forget about Finkelstein’s politics or scholarship – just to defend sanctity of the contract that is made between an academic institution and a scholar (cf: Idea of the University)

While that is never going to happen, the academics are indeed holding a conference in defense of academic freedom. Maybe that’ll show them.

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  1. The photo was taken by me – a few months back. It is a Pan-Asian restaurant across the street from DePaul University. This poster was in the window – as an endorsement of the eatery.

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