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Adam at the weblog has this great series ‘Friday Afternoon Confessional‘ , I love. Especially on days like today when weeks like this render me feeling unable to cope. I can’t really confess, but I do declare.

I declare that I am tired. Woke up tired and 10 hours later, am still tired. In my dream Naim Sahib quizzed me on a Ghalib misrah that I could not remember.

I declare that I hate my dissertation.

I declare that I want a sabbatical.

I declare that I stole the above declaration from Babu.

I declare that ordering food for 40 people and arranging accomodations for 12 people drains one of the very essence of life.

I declare that every day begins anew and ends just as old and tired.

I declare that end is not a mirage but what if you are in quicksand?

I declare that my next conference will be all about historical memory and I will geek out to my heart’s content.

I declare that time flies and crawls simultaneously. And it gives me a headache.

I declare that december in lahore will be salve for my soul.

I declare that I am dying to see Snakes on a Plane.

I declare that this post will self-destruct in 23 hours.

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