Bad Letters

Yesterday I come home and there are two letters waiting for me. One from University of Liverpool politely declining the interest i had expressed in them. The other from the College saying I didn’t get a teaching fellowship I had applied for.
A little disappointed. Just had such a great run lately, with the awards and the support etc.
Back to the grind. Who wants Liverpool anyways??

3 Replies to “Bad Letters”

  1. ummm-whats with the url business? i’m hoping common sense will carry me through this. but what i DID want to say was- my POOR baybay!!! liverpool can KISS my young ass. come to U of T. they will love you here. ;)

  2. hmmmm….. dangerously close to whining, if you ask me… (he said, gleefully switching rolls for once)

    nice site man :)

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