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Here‘s the madcap comedy we’ve all been waiting for:

The CW’s only new comedy, “Aliens in America,” is about a high school student trying to adjust to a Pakistani exchange student.


The plot just gets better. According to this source:

The comedy will focus on a shy nerdy kid living in a small Wisconsin town whose mother invites an exchange student to live with the family. The mother hopes the new friend will help her son become more popular, but the exchange student turns out to be Muslim.

If the punchline is “but he turns out to be Muslim” what’s the logical conclusion to the joke? …so therefore can’t help the shy guy be more popular? …does not help him out of his shell? …makes him even less popular?

Luckily further explanation is provided by Variety:

“Aliens” is set in Altoona, Wis., where Justin Hobgood is an awkward, lanky 16-year-old having trouble fitting in at school. His mom hears about the school’s foreign exchange program and signs up her family, figuring the new arrival will give her son a hipness transplant.

Things don’t go as planned, however, when the exchange student turns out to be a Pakistani Muslim who wears a kufi on his head and a shalwar kameez over his body.

I wonder if that means he just drapes the shalwar kameez over his body like a sari? That would not help with a hipness transplant. Bad move, Mrs. Hobgood!

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