Sunday Reading for Chee Malabar

The revelation was Chee Malabar. I know, and knew, that Yogi B will be global. They are way too talented and ferocious, live – to not force themselves into every iPod on the block. They are also incredibly genuine and warm. But, it is Chee, for whom I must evangelize. Though, I had heard a few tracks before, read a profile or two – I had never talked to him. And now I have all the zeal of the newly converted. Read these lyrics and discover it too – this is one poet, artist, writer and rapper who needs your support. In fact, all my gentle readers need to go buy the albums – himalayan project and oblique brown – and then seek him out when he comes to your neck of the woods or better still, invite him to your neck of the wood. Ok go.

  • First off, a sunday reading link to myself! Nathanael Robinson and Manan Ahmed had a conversation about memory and history and they put it up for you to read. It is not anything special (if only to see how badly I write when I write ‘academic’).
  • However, I can spot excellent writing from a mile away. Wendy Doniger’s essay in the LRB, The Land East of the Asterik is profound, funny, comprehensive and just an all around must-read on IE, PIE and horses. She really is a beacon of shining light in our dim academic world.
  • Also in the LRB is Zizek’s rather merde-y letter on China and Tibet. He seems to be ill-informed about a lot of things in there – including Fareed Zakaria’s brilliance.
  • A nice overview of Palestinian cinema by Nicholas Blincoe in the Guardian.
  • MQM must be stopped from terrorizing the citizens of Karachi.
  • Finally, it appears that bloggers and netizens can now link directly to Encyclopedia Brittanica. Let’s test it: al-Ḥajjāj al-Ḥajjāj ibn Yūsuf ath-Thaqafī

Below the fold, another number from Yogi B and Natchatra from Hiphopistan.
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So, while I am moving hosts…btw, porting a Movable Type installation is a muthahumpa, I am contemplating switching over to Word Press. It’s PHP as opposed to lame horse Perl … and it’s guaranteed free. Not that that has any real appeal to me, I like paying developers for their work.
But I know for sure that php site will be faster and sweeter than a perl.

Despair not, gentle reader, CM will be back in action later today. On MT 3.0 or MT 2.6 or WP or something.