The Fur of a Lion

Putin with PoodleA manly public image can take a lot of work. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s image is managed on many levels, including media depiction of his relationships with household pets. It has been widely reported that Putin is frequently photographed with an imposing black lab named Koni, whom he even invites to summits with foreign leaders, especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is known to be afraid of dogs due to some childhood trauma. But Putin’s heart does not lie with his muscular labrador as he would like us to believe. On the contrary, he harbors a secret love for a fluffy little poodle named Tosya. Tosya, whose fur is weekly trimmed ‘in the lion’s style’ by a dog hairdresser, is officially supposed to be his wife, Lyudmila’s pet, but this photo, uncovered by the resourceful Scottish Terrier and Dog News, tells a different story.

To Us

When President To Us of South Korea visited with Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, they toasted their pact with blueberry wine and Kim played the eccentric and charismatic host, as is his wont. President Roh presented the Commander with many gifts, including the DVDs of “YMCA Baseball Team, Strokes of Fire, and the hit drama Daejanggeum (대장금), which features Lee Young-ae (이영애), known as one of Kim’s favorite South Korean actresses.” President Roh added that “The stories are good but the qualities of the pictures are just as good. These days, there are a lot of movies that gather a lot of attention with good visuals.”

Let it be dainty in its food so that it shall be known as an Imperial dog by its fastidiousness

Mush, Buddy and DotThoughts on the Pekingese by Empress Dowager Cixi:

Let the Lion Dog be small; let it wear the swelling cape of dignity around its neck; let it display the billowing standard of pomp above its back.

Let its face be black; let its forefront be shaggy; let its forehead be straight and low.

Let its eyes be large and luminous; let its ears be set like the sails of war junk; let its nose be like that of the monkey god of the Hindus.
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