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Even the broad intellectual grouping known as Subaltern Studies hasn’t taken domestic work into account, save for the occasional moment when a conversation with a servant provides the researcher with an anecdote or factoid to motivate an essay on some profound question or other.

There are lots of nice bits in that piece. Also Pankaj Mishra finds it necessary to defend Adiga (but manages to do a piss-poor job – SS did not call Siegel an “Indian” but an “Indologist”. A mis-reading that Lee Siegel will thoroughly enjoy). [via H-ASIA]

Kluge Prize: Thapar and Brown

What great news! The Library of Congress’ 2008 Kluge Prize has been given to historians Romila Thapar and Peter Brown.

I am huge admirer of these fine historians. In addition to her scholarship on antiquity and medieval Indian history, Thapar is the pre-eminent public intellectual with a staunch commitment to a secular India. Her work leading up to, and after, the 1992 Babri Masjid riots is one of the clearest acts of public bravery by a historian. Peter Brown’s lucid prose has often been gushed up at CM. So Awesome!

There are better profiles at the LoC site.

Moving On

I wish Angelina Jolie would just stay at that charpai and solve all our problems, with her ballpoint pen.

In related news, CM was nominated for Best South Asian Blog at Brass Crescent Awards. Go look see at the best of Muslim-themed dishes the blog kitchen has to offer. I picked up a number of new reads.

I am also co-judging the annual Cliopatria Awards, for best in history. More on that, in a month or so.

Awesomest Minus One

This will surely be regarded as the best story of 2008 (at least, I will champion it):

First, Dawn

Mustafa Kamal second best mayor in the world

KARACHI, Nov 9: The Foreign Policy magazine of the United States has chosen Karachi Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal as the second among the best three mayors in the world for 2008.

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Chongqing Mayor Wang Hongju were the other two mayors of the moment, a press release issued by the Karachi City District Government said.

The magazine said: No city globalises on its own, but with shrewd investments and smart urban planning, a mayor can help turn a regional player into a global powerhouse. Here’s how three of the worlds top mayors are climbing the ladder.

Mr Kamal, however, gives all credit for this feat to his party leader Altaf Hussain who, he says, selected the representatives from lower and middle classes that represent 98 per cent of the country’s population.

In a statement, he said it was also the recognition of the philosophy of the MQM and the 30-year struggle of its leader.

And, here is the reveal, from Foreign Policy:

At issue is a sidebar from FP’s recent Global Cities Index that names Kamal, Berlin’s Klaus Wowereit, and Chongqing’s Wang Hongju as “mayors of the moment” who have found innovative ways to globalize their cities. The mayors are not ranked, nor are we implying that they are objectively “better” than any other mayors, but that didn’t stop the Karachi city government from issuing a press release on its Web site (they’ve changed the text since being contacted by FP) congratulating Kamal for being the No. 2 mayor in the world. For the record, the three names are not listed in any particular order.

via Teeth Maestro.