Rachid Khaleeede

Actual Professors in Hyde Park
Actual Professors in Hyde Park
Last night, from Sarah Palin, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow (♥!) and Jon Stewart, I heard about “yet another radical professor from the neighborhood who spent a lot of time with Barack Obama going back several years”, “Rashid Khalidi”. It is a startling realization; one that has caused me to reassess my impression, and my feelings for Hyde Park. Some of you may not know that Hyde Park has lots of “professors and such”. And now, with this bombshell, people are going to look at these innocent workers with suspicion. It cannot be. Let me be the first to defend the Hyde Park Professors as god-fearing, church-going, freedom-loving true-blood Americans who live in the Real America ©. These are not the people we need to fear.

Now, this Khaleeede guy. I have, I am forced to admit, taken classes with him. He led me to believe that he was just some generous-hearted, razor-sharp intelligent, thoughtful, New Yorker who cared deeply about his scholarship as well as his students. I even held him to be a “role-model”; someone to emulate. I was obviously brain-washed.

I will, certainly, undergo the hundreds of hours of “Re-education” that is needed. And I will do it with a smile.

Others, like Juan Cole, can spin a masterful defense of the “idiotic wind” that went through my neighborhood. I will just focus on cleaning up the name of these fair grounds.

PS: You can also see Scott Horton and Barney Rubin‘s defense of Hyde Park.

PPS: By default, anything Daniel Pipes says is bullshit, but, um, here: Khalidi and the PLO, if you must.

Update: Sadly, the Obama campaign can only manage a how pro-Israel we is defense, instead of pointing out the racism of McCain’s attack.


“I make no claims that I can comprehend the mind of a terrorist, but as a Muslim I think I have a handle on bin Laden’s twisted view of Islamic eschatology.” – Rany Jazayerli at 538.com.

Why? Why is the fact of being a Muslim qualify any one for anything? Seriously. I would really like to know. Are there other “Muslim only” minds we can inhabit by the mere fact of saying the shahada? What is so well-established about “Islamic eschatology”? World War III? Let me lay down just one, single, fact about “Islamic eschatology”. It’s all bull. shit. There is no such thing. Perhaps Jazayerli can elaborate on which particular strand of eschatological beliefs UbL subscribes to, or what the metrics of “end times” are which determined his strike.

And really, that analysis of the prescient, omniscient “bin Laden” (here is another Muslim tip, his name is Usama not ‘son of laden’) is so riddled with contradictions that I don’t know why I picked on the above statement, alone.

Only Katrina Victims Get Bailouts

Or Nobody! Ha!

Anyways, before the great proletariat revolution consumes us all, I wanted to tip the hat towards Matt Taibbi’s breathless putdown of this Palinesque exurbia, The scariest thing about Sarah Palin isn’t how unqualified she is – it’s what her candidacy says about America:

In her speech, Palin presented herself as a raging baby-making furnace of middle-class ambition next to whom the yuppies of the Obama set -who never want anything all that badly except maybe a few afternoons with someone else’s wife, or a few kind words in The New York Times Book Review — seem like weak, self-doubting celibates, the kind of people who certainly cannot be trusted to believe in the right God or to defend a nation. 

It is a classic.