2 Replies to “Dada Sahib at the Jama Masjid”

  1. Naim Sahib, Dada ji was not a man of words, so no. But he did a number of paintings, including one of Nehru. Sepoy wants me to put that up here, so I will do another post presently. I never saw the America of the Saturday Evening Post in Berkeley myself, but I’m glad you found it there! I think we have found the title of your forthcoming bestselling memoir: Looking at Norman Rockwell in Lucknow!

  2. Thanks for sharing it. I used to gaze with wonder at the covers of the Saturday Evening Post that carried his paintings at the second-hand books store in Lucknow where I went to rent mysteries. It was his America I looked for — and thought I found — when I reached Berkeley in 1957. Lucky me. I wouldn’t have found it had I come to Chicago first. Did he write anything about that trip?

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