Unfinished Symphony

As part of the Year End Clearance®, below are posts that I started at some point in last year, never finished, and will never finish. I would like them to stop haunting my Write tab – so I am deleting these half-finished, half-started thoughts and giving them a public burial. Below are the dates, topic and reasons-why-I-never-finished-writing-them for all the posts.

Dedicated to Boudewijn Buckinx:

Title: No Woolmer No Cry
Date Started: March 29, 2007
Topic: Bob Woolmer’s murder.
Reason: No Comment.

Title: Hima
Date Started: March 26, 2007
Topic: Review of the documentary, Hima: The Life and Times of a Lady from Awadh
Reason: I got too busy.

Title: With Apologies to Our Colonial Father: A Letter from Post-National Pakistan
Date Started: March 23, 2007
Topic: It was going to be one of those Orwell tricks of writing from the future about the present in the guise of speaking about the past.
Reason: You know what cures hangovers? A great breakfast at Valois.

Title: Joy
Date Started: Feb 8, 2007
Topic: Some youtube clip.
Reason: I came to my senses. YouTube clips can only be inflicted on the dearest of friends – and then, only in emails.

Title: Dirt and Fire
Date Started: Dec 22, 2006
Topic: An Urdu column I wanted to translate.
Reason: It was just all too much – unpacking, uncoding and explaining the translation.

Title: Outram
Date Started: Nov 1, 2006
Topic: “Sir James Outram has the honor of having the first Equestrian statue in India.” Now, this would have made a good post. It had pictures. And historical details. And I had just written a paper on Outram.
Reason: I had just written a paper on Outram.

Title: Teaching Postcoloniality
Date Started: Oct 8, 2006
Topic: A Roundtable I attended.
Reason: Hard to say, but I think mostly because I am _still_chewing it over.

Title: Cricket, Interrupted.
Date Started: Aug 25, 2006
Topic: The abandoned Oval test and its echoes back into our colonial pasts.
Reason: This became a more personal post than I had intended – which made me stop writing. And then life interrupted.

Title: The Outsider
Date Started: Jun 27, 2006
Topic: William Moorcroft (d. 1825) and his horse-trading, spying, adventuring ways across Afghanistan and Western Iran.
Reason: This ended up being an email send out to my Orientalist friends.

6 Replies to “Unfinished Symphony”

  1. Will post the Moorcroft, ok.

    Vincentina: That headline was designed specifically to deter anyone from ever asking my opinion on Woolmer.

  2. Actually I popped in to see what you had said about Woolmer. Even with that stunningly bad pun in the headline, please comment. An inquiring mind wants to know.

  3. sepoy … nice touch, though I’ll miss the post on postcoloniality roundtable … guess I’ll have to get offline and write to attend the roundtable myself in future.

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