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I am back, gentle readers. While the image of me running naked down the streets of Ohio gave glee to some, I must defend my honor by declaring that farangi’s orientalist fantasies are terribly out of date. He forgot to put a writhing python around my neck. Still, I want to thank him for taking time away from the NASCAR de-caling of his Ford F10 pickup truck to post on CM. Also, banjos. Also, pigs squealing. See, when you know someone as long as I have known farangi, insults are much easier to imagine and convey.

A week without the internets was quite nice, I must say. But, it has left a horrible backlog of things to read, write and respond to. Which is why God made Sundays.

  • Every child in Pakistan knows Pressler – the maligned author of the amendment banning aid and sale to Pakistan. Especially, of those sexy F16s. Every child in Pakistan also has a poster of those F16s on their cabinet drawers. The pride of the nation. The bounced check. Ok, maybe not anymore but 15 years ago they did. Still, I was quite taken aback by what the bushites did. They stoked the arms race between India and Pakistan. I guess it is good news for some. Rice says it is all “to solidify and extend relations with both India and Pakistan at a time when we have good relations with both of them”. Word Life.
  • I do not know why no one excepts the NYT seems to care about the prisoner abuse/death stories. They are just not as compelling as whatever happens in Florida. Paging Karen Hughes.
  • I am seriously thinking of applying for some jobs in UK next year. Keep meaning to email the great Sharon Howard. This Observer report on hate crimes is kinda, um, worrisome: “Jews, Muslims and Gypsies tell the CRE that they are under siege in Britain”.
  • Staying across the pond. If the Left thinks we have problems here, the LRB asks: What happened?. David Blunkett comes in for some examination [“The Home Office is the great Heart of Darkness in British government”]. The article also has the best. footnote. ever.
  • Not to be left behind, the TLS tackles American Nationalism – a review of Anton Lieven’s America Right or Wrong. Doesn’t seem anything fresh but worth a peek.
  • In the Boston Globe they profile a new entry into the Middle East Centers: Brandeis University. Shai Feldman, the new director of the new center, likes to talk smack.
  • Two literary notes: Margaret Atwood, who knows a bit about utopias and dystopias, reviews Bryher’s Visa for Avalon in the NY Review of Books. It is a great read. And in the NYT, on translated fiction and histories contained within them.
  • Finally, I have fond memories of “their bari eid” Easter in Pakistan. Happy Easter to all readers.

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