Letter from Pakistan

Days of Rage by William Dalrymple looks at Asma Jahangir – and Lal Masjid – in the NYer. The piece lacks his usual narrative flair but maybe because the Lal Masjid stuff seems a late add-on. Worth a read just for the profile of Asma Jahangir whom I have admired for a very long time.

3 Replies to “Letter from Pakistan”

  1. What strikes me reading this is the way in which the hallmarks of what we think of as progress — liberal democracy, egalitarianism — are being rolled back by both political and cultural forces. I can’t think of another example, nor any analogous situation which might suggest ways to stem the tides.

  2. I found his description of the marching lawyers—‘like emperor penguins in a nature film’—oddly touching. Also, got to meet AJ at work earlier this year and was v. impressed by her in person: not only forceful and eloquent (to be expected) but generally unpretentious & down-to-earth, really taking the time to engage with everyone in the room. Quite a contrast to some other human rights high-flyers I’ve encountered, who shall remain unnamed.

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