His special powers are modest by western standards, though spectacular enough by local standards.” Don’t really know what to say about that, but here is a review of ‘the first superhero movie’ from India. Of course we know that Superman is the first Indian superhero movie. Also, didn’t Dharmendra have a series of movies, in early 80s, where he would get ‘superpowers’ for his climactic fight? Anyone?

update: Also, see the Turkish superheroes3 Dev Adam!

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  1. Krrish is the copy of TWO movies & infact this 2 movies are far far better than krrish & worth watching.

    Kung Fu Hustle + Paycheck = Krrish

  2. The real Indian superman I guess remains the Amitabh clone Mukesh Khanna in the TV serial Shaktimaan (aka Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnathnath Shastri). Shaktimaan is also much stronger than Superman. For one thing, he has yogic powers.

  3. Nah, its not jugnu that I am thinking of [though, I fondly remember that one] had D. dead/almost dead at the ultimate showdown inside the temple and then, the godhead comes alive and inhabits him and he becomes the Vengeance. Eyes all flipped and shit. Pretty Rad. Almost as rad as singing from the helicopter.

  4. There was also Amitabh’s Shahenshah with Darth-Vader lungs, steel hand and silver forelock (“rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain…”)

  5. I agree with Adil, but the D. film is probably Jugnu. Businessman by day, firefly(-by-night) Robin-hood burglar type. Also a voice that carried, since didn’t he sing “pyar ke is khel mein do dilon ke mel mein” from a helicopter to Hema Malini on the ground in the film?

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