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  1. Gawker Intern Neel Shah thinks he understands. Hailing from picturesque Port Jefferson, Long Island, Neel is a first generation Indian-American who took the SATs in 7th grade, went to the same dorky summer program at Johns Hopkins

    This is funny. I imagine they mean CTY. I also did CTY–but I haven’t really thought about it in over a decade, and it probably came up like once or twice during my entire high school and college careers.

    In fact, a bunch of my classmates did CTY. We didn’t think there was anything dorky about it, and though we joked about how it was a ticket to a good college, it ended up not even being mentioned on (at least my) app. We beat the shit out of the grade 7 standardised exams and then took the SAT with no algebra background as 12 year olds. How is this coming up by twentysomethings peeing on each other?

    Should I have mentioned CTY in my apps? Would I have gotten in to one of my top 7 then?

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