India meets Pakistan

As I picked up the Onion, I couldn’t help but notice the headline. The type says, “NameoftheGirl*. Half Indian. Half Pakistani. Was photographed in NY.” etc. Dov Charney creeping his way to sub-continental peace [after solving M.E.]. My blog sucks. Officially. I blame you.

*At the request of the model, I am removing any traceable info. in this post. [July 29th, 2006]

7 Replies to “India meets Pakistan”

  1. I’m thinking I want to design a composition class based on an ongoing american apparel research project.

    and i also have this snide remark: “that’s where india meets pakistan? i thought that was where . . . oh, nevermind.”

  2. I think it is worse than just gross. I think they are horrid and exploitative. I don’t understand people who insist on shopping at AA because of their ‘cool labor practices’ while turning a blind away to the most degrading marketing campaign ever.

  3. The East is full of cunning sorcerers and voluptuous temptresses. In one post, you proved both true. Damn you, Sepoy.

  4. For people like me, whose immediate family left the sub-continent before Partition, describing someone as “half Indian/half Pakistani” is nonsensical.

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