I Got Next

Shazia Sikander wins the MacArthur Fellowship. A fine artiste of miniatures and installations, Sikander brings the grand total of desi ‘geniuses’ to ? [Atul Gawande is the other desi winner this year. Ali Akbar Khan won it in 1991 & Ayesha Jalal in 1998 {thx, dk}] Sikander came to Chicago in 1999 or 2000. Homi Bhabha introduced her. I had some wine with chocolate. Sikander gets $500,000 cash in small bills over five years.

4 Replies to “I Got Next”

  1. hurrah! i’ve seen her stuff at a few shows and like it immensely (i am a sucker for miniatures, be they mughal, ottoman, or postmodern). also very pleased to see gawande and david macaulay and adrian leblanc on the list.

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