Da Ban

Dawn reports that Pakistan Govt. has decided that “screening of the film [DaVinci Code], or possession of it on video cassettes or discs, was prohibited and unlawful” because it is “sacrilegious to all religions”. Apparently, there have been protests and demonstrations…though, I haven’t really seen anything in the Urdu press about it…and now everyone is happy!! Don’t forget the book!

Save us, Haysuess.

3 Replies to “Da Ban”

  1. That’s odd. I would think that a Muslim nation would be thrilled with a film that sets out to diminish the divinity of Jesus. After all, a Jesus who is only a great moral teacher is much more in light with the religious climate of Pakistan than that a belief in the Trinity.

  2. They didn’t want a repeat of the cartoon riots I guess..ironic since the only copies of the movie available would be pirated!

    I’ve heard blogger is banned again as well?

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