Sultan of Swing

Seldom is it that my worlds collide so drastically. But, a simple one-line email frrom desiknitter pointing me towards the photo-essay of the Chosen One in Islamabad’s embassy row playing cricket with a bunch of kids while Inzammam and other looked on, did just that. No, it wasn’t just the sight of the Chosen One engaged in the ‘pastime’ that consumes me soul, but how the photo essay stood in for all that has gone wrong for the world and right for the Chosen One. Below the fold, I read between the pixels…

Look at Salman Butt’s face. Just look at it! You are a sad man, he is saying. One who doesn’t even know a Cricket ball from a weapon of mass destruction. They are one and same, YO!
Is he about to play Bacci? And look at the smirk on the kid’s face; that little punk is the son of some sorry ass General, I am sure.
I gotta say that he has excellent form. He does. Shoulder is straight, passion in the eyes. A straight shooter!
While he is flexing, the world is picking its nose. No, really. Look.
Contrast, if you will, the concentration on his face with the smugness of the wicket-keeping kid. A KID!! IS SMUG ON THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!
You cannot tell me that the bowler [reports say Inzi himself!] did NOT hit him on purpose. I refuse to believe it.
There you have it folks. My next tshirt.

12 Replies to “Sultan of Swing”

  1. You know, it’s not like I’ve ever been massively fond of cricket (I know, weird for a desi guy, it must be the gay thing), but I feel an even greater distaste for it now, having seen Bush with a balla.

  2. Ah, but what would Dire Straits think of the title “Sultans of Swing” being used to this end?

  3. I can’t stop staring at that ludicrous belt of his. I wonder how long he’s practised bowling to get a form like that, though. then again, aping is his forte.

  4. Great photo analysis. But tell me, why didn’t they think it necessary to even put bails on the wicket? I’m shuddering at the thought of SRT or Waugh winking at the camera that way after scoring a century..

  5. It’s almost like he’s daring us to make fun of him for something silly, so he can get away with some really serious shit while we’re being snarky, or whine about how mean those pesky Democrats (and other non-Republicans) are.

    That last picture is just eerie. Like a nightmare about an old-school teacher with a paddle and a leer….

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