TIME to come in for dinner

Not the person of the yearTime Magazine is hunched over its dad’s computer in the den, learning how to personalize the desktop, search for pornography and make small-time day-trading deals online. It likes the den, it likes choosing the sound the computer makes when a new email comes into the ‘mailbox’. Time has plenty of cheetos and gatorade for snacks. Time Magazine doesn’t like to get up from the leatherette armchair and come in for dinner with the grownups and talk about icky things like fiery Venezualan bad boy orators and business-casual Iranian Holocaust-deniers, or even glitteringly sophisticated Californian grandmothers of five. But, sadly, no, Time Magazine, that is not US on the cover of the magazine, that is YOUR cool new screensaver.

One Reply to “TIME to come in for dinner”

  1. The list of rejected Person of the Year from Time’s Recycling Bin:

    1. Them: “All of those excellent MySpace Friends that we have.”

    2. That: “The revolution in point and click may have started with the Graphical User Interface…but it has now becoming part of our lives.”

    3. It: “Can we really ignore that It is everywhere? Look, if only, at those eBay commercials”

    4. We: As in the Nintendo Wii!

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