I’ve made a huge little mistake

The moral of this tale, my friends, is never use an acrylic-based varnish with watercolors. Is it any mistake it happened to the First Family? Christmas in August 2Could this be inadvertent acrylic voodoo?


Author: lapata

Daisy Rockwell paints under the takhallus, or alias, Lapata (pronounced ‘láh-putt-áh’), which is Urdu for “missing,” or “absconded,” as in “my luggage is missing,” or “the bandits have absconded.”

2 thoughts on “I’ve made a huge little mistake”

  1. I know, what IS it with these watercolors! I thought they’d be dancing in the streets and garlanding the varnishes.

  2. Lapata, you mean the watercolor didn’t greet the varnish as liberators? I thought it would be a slam dunk case. Well, at least our childrens do learns for the next time. (Or… not.)

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