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One more thing. Wanderer kindly send in a BBC link to Narendra Modi, the chief minister of the state of Gujarat, being denied visa by US of A. I criticized the US for preventing Tariq Ramadan entry and called it censorship. This is just the same.

Modi was complicit, at the very least for his non-existent response to the carnage, in the Gujarat riots. He deserves to be tried in a court of law for that. He was coming to the States on the invitation of Asian American Hotel Owners Association and was going to speak at Madison Square Garden. Many, many South Asian groups protested the invite. Including members of US Congress. They lobbied the State Department and got the refusal they sought. Of course, Modi is saying that the denial of the visa is an insult to India and he will now assume the posture of a martyr. Congress makes the usual weak response.

Muslim groups were part of this lobbying effort. They should know that the weapon of censorship is, and will continue to be, aimed at them. Modi and his politics are despicable to me and I would have said so, given the opportunity, to his face or outside his arena. Denying him entry makes him a martyr and rallies his troops but it does not bring any justice to the matter. If the US was going to arrest him upon arrival and charge him for human rights violation, I would have applauded that. But, this denial serves no purpose. You cannot compromise on a principle and expect your opponents to not throw that in your face. If Tariq Ramadan was denied his right to come and say what he had to, then Modi was denied his right to do the same. And I was denied my right to go applaud Ramadan and protest Modi.

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