I haven’t been able to work for any campaign this year. Did some phone banking. And am hoping to do some election-day moniter-y stuff. Or perhaps, I will just drive people to vote. Next elections, I will vote.

I don’t know if people still remember that Raed Jarrar was denied boarding on a plane because his tshirt had Arabic on it. It prompted many conversations but one argument that struck me was made by moacir – who focused on the Equal Protection amendment as opposed to the usual 1st amendment stuff.

With the help of Stephen Marlowe, Blake Wentworth, Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi, Sunit Singh, Ravikrisnha Reddy, moacir and I designed the following piece of hipster-protest.

8 Replies to “American”

  1. Raed, Sepoy:

    Why bother being all grammarian for us Farangis? You know you all (‘s alphabets) look alike to us.

  2. raed: about the definite article for American in arabic. Actually, that was a decision made largely to distinguish between the urdu and the arabic in the farangi eye. orthographically, they would look too similar. so we decided to go

    with the def. article in the arabic and non-gendered descriptor in urdu.

    plus, the inside joke of an arabic reading of the text as “The American” was too delicious…

    now, i wish i had thought of separating the m/f versions and i will def. do that.

    Oh, and _you_ are the one doing all the good work. cheers, mate.

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