15 Replies to “squiggles”

  1. i can read your urdu post in opera but not in ie!

    just an idea: we can increase urdu usage in blogging by introducing something like an on-screen urdu keyboard, successfully being used at urduseek.com.

  2. I can read urdu fonts on my office computer but not on my home laptop. What I am missing here on my laptop? Anyone!

  3. zack: yes. it is faulty in more ways than one. I will fix it up and release it back into the wild. also missing alif-mada’a.

  4. I don’t use a Mac, so do not know about keyboard layouts there, but it seems the layout you are using (and Khawar too) have the “heh” character mapped wrong. It should be ہ but instead it is ە.

  5. I wish I can type here in Urdu. Sorry folks! but I will be joining this urdu blog revolution too. I have been working on this for long but not ready to blog yet.

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